Exciting Changes for 2019

To our Valued Members,

As most of you already know, we have some exciting updates and additions happening at Sunnybrook!

First, we would like to express our gratitude to all the riding club members for sharing and supporting our vision. Sunnybrook is growing into the intimate boutique experience that we have always dreamed of. We could not be happier with the direction Sunnybrook is taking and the overall success of our riders and horses.

One of the most exciting things that of 2019, is that after seven years as assistant trainer at Sunnybrook, Shane has become a partner with Rebecca in the business. She is committed to ensuring that the quality of our lessons and training remain a top priority.

As Rebecca and Ned Glynn plan their future together, Rebecca will be moving up North sometime in the early summer. As most of you are aware, Ned owns Sonoma Valley Stables in Sonoma, California, and is a highly accomplished trainer. His many years of success and experience will undoubtedly contribute to a top level of success that all Sunnybrook members will benefit from. Rebecca will continue to play a major role in Sunnybrook, staying actively involved in the success of our riders and horses! Rebecca will be training and teaching at Sunnybrook at least one week per month.

The show schedule will remain the same. Rebecca will be the main showing trainer, present at every horse show, and Shane will come to the shows as needed. If the majority of our showing clients are at the show then both Rebecca and Shane will be there together to support our riders. Whereas, if it is a smaller group, Rebecca will go to the show, allowing Shane to be home to ensure top quality lessons and training. Rebecca and Shane will continue to work closely to provide top-quality training. Their many years of success as friends and in business enables them to communicate on the most intimate level to understand each of the clients needs and expectations (in and outside of the show ring).

Some more great news is that Rob Gage (top clinician, course designer, "A" rated judge, and retired World Cup Grand Prix rider) will continue working with Sunnybrook on a more consistent basis. With his
years of experience and credentials, Rob brings something special to our riders that few people can provide.

Throughout the spring we will be making some exciting improvements to the facility that will reflect the high-quality boutique barn we are striving to achieve. These improvements will include redoing the tack rooms, painting the main barn, and seeding the back property to create new grass pastures for the horses. All horses are now trained on the treadmill, are enjoying their workouts, and will continue spending more time on the treadmill as part of their conditioning program. Having fewer horses on the property enables us to spend more individual time with each horse and rider.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our members for your loyalty and continuous trust over the past years. We are so grateful for your support. We are confident that these benefits will only improve your experience as a Sunnybrook member.

The Sunnybrook Team

Rebecca Bruce